Elder Uchtdorf: ‘Conflict is inevitable. Contention is a choice’ + 4 more messages all of God’s children need to hear

At BYU Education Week on Tuesday, August 17, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoke to listeners about the differences and commonalities we have with one another.

“While it is true that each one of God’s children is unique and shaped by a distinctive set of experiences, it is also true that we have one most significant attribute in common,” he said. “We all are God’s children. We all are brothers and sisters. And our Father’s desire is that our hearts are ‘knit together in unity and . . . love one towards another’ (Mosiah 18:21). Though our circumstances may be different, our hearts are not. For this reason, there are certain messages that all of God’s children need to hear.”

The Apostle then gave five messages that were later highlighted in his Facebook stories. View screenshots of those points below.



Elder Uchtdorf delivered his keynote address at the Marriott Center on Brigham Young University’s campus. But if you didn’t have a chance to attend in person, the talk is also available on the BYU Speeches YouTube channel and BYUtv. Watch the talk below. You can also read people's reactions and takeaways beneath the video.

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Five Messages That All of God’s Children Need to Hear | Dieter F. Uchtdorf | 2021

Note: Comments have been edited for clarity.

Brien Smith: I listened very carefully to Elder Uchtdorf's address yesterday and felt edified by his counsel. I testify that what he said is absolutely true and is necessary for the perfecting of the Saints.

Emily Linam: It was such a good talk and it was such a good learning experience! I loved it when you said our shortcomings can be healed through our Savior! I also remember now that our Heavenly Father gives us new beginnings!

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Jp Mueller: I listened to your message yesterday and while I enjoyed all five lessons, it was number two, ‘You are better than you think you are,’ that touched me the most and [number] four, ‘Conflict is inevitable. Contention is a choice’ that I found most instructive in these divisive times. Thank you for your words and instructions.

Jeannie Godfrey: I love this message and I think it is so true—even though we are different, we are the same in our hearts.

ZakkiLowe: I love this talk. Very grateful that I watched this today. And I love the artwork from Jorge Cocco Santangelo during the presentation. He’s my favorite artist.

Rocky Imam: Thank you so much, Elder Uchtdorf. We loved your talk and are grateful for your uplifting and much needed counsel on having our hearts knit together in unity and . . . love one towards another.

You can also read summaries of the address at Church News and Church Newsroom.


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