Enjoy art from the BYU MOA like never before with virtual curator tours, a new app, and more


Brigham Young University’s Museum of Art (MOA) has closed during COVID-19. But since you can’t visit the museum during this time, the museum is bringing the artwork to you.

Recently, the MOA has been doing Facebook Live videos given by curators and educators to give insights into one or two pieces of art so patrons and students can engage with art when they can’t be there in person. It also reduces the pressure some might have when attending a museum, feeling that they have to see it all.

Engaging with art can increase mindfulness, peacefulness, and well-being, the host of one Facebook live video states. The guide then gives four strategies for “slow looking,” or taking the time to engage with art.

  • Look big: Slow down and make an inventory of everything you see in the artwork, like buildings, objects, shadows, and textures.
  • Narrow your focus: Organize your view by looking for specific things like color, shape, and line or facial expressions.
  • Change your perspective: Look at artwork from a distance that’s unusual or uncomfortable. This can reveal large patterns and small details in the art.
  • Compare and contrast works of art: Finding similarities and differences in different pieces of artwork can enrich your experience.

Earlier this year, the MOA released a new app for both Apple and Android users to enrich patrons’ experience with the exhibits wherever they may be. The app features audio from artist Brian Kershisnik, MOA Director Mark Magleby, artist Lee Bennion, and more. Additionally, the app shows the artistic process, gives additional context to works, and has behind-the-scenes videos of artworks and artists, according to the museum’s website.

Read more about the MOA’s app and what it has to offer during the pandemic as well as plans for reopening at Church News.

Lead image: BYU Museum of Art Facebook screenshot
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