ESPN Shares Video of BYU Mascot’s Head Falling Off During Epic Flip


The big football game wasn’t the only thing BYU fans were talking about this past Saturday. 

BYU mascot Cosmo the Cougar was doing a complicated trick at the McNeese State game when his furry costume head went flying through the air. Luckily, Cosmo quickly ducked so nobody would see the face behind the mask while several people on the sidelines scrambled to retrieve the mascot’s head.

Fans expressed concern, and one shared this tweet: 

The trick here is to keep your head while everyone around you are losing theirs... hope the veterinarian can reattach poor #CosmoCougar’s head. — Mark McCrady aka DesertCoug (@nomadcoug) September 23, 2018

And some were even nervous their children would be scarred from the dramatic unveiling: 

When Cosmo looses his head and you don’t want your kids to be emotionally scarred.... #BYUvsMcneese — Josh Hales (@JNHales) September 23, 2018

ESPN caught wind of the event and shared a video of the incident on their Facebook page. It's since gone viral, receiving more than 1 million views. Watch the video below. 

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