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Evie Clair Gets Sweetest Tweet from Christina Perri After Her "America's Got Talent" Performance


Thanks to the Deseret News for making us aware of this story.

After her stunning performance of “Arms” on America's Got Talent, LDS singer Evie Clair gained the attention of the song's original performer, Christina Perri, and show judges in the sweetest way. 

Evie Clair dedicated her audition performance of the song on the NBC TV show to her father, who is battling stage 4 colon cancer. 

“About a year ago my dad was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer," Evie Clair says on the show. "They gave him a 5 percent chance to live and he still continued working and supporting our family."

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And Evie Clair told judges the reason she was even on the show was because of her father.

"I'm here to sing for him," she told show judges as her father watched from the side of the stage. "When my dad is having rough days, I go up to his room and sing him this song to make him feel better and just to give him comfort and strength to continue fighting." 

Evie Clair's incredible performance for her father even gained the attention of Christina Perri, the original performer of "Arms." 

The judges were also touched by Evie Clair's performance.

“I felt like America and everybody here at AGT wants to take our arms and wrap them around you and tell you, ‘You are home,'" Howie Mandel praised Evie. 

"I think you have a very beautiful voice and I can feel all of your feelings,” Simon Cowell said. “I’m trying to put myself where your dad is. He must have thought, ‘I have one heck of a talented daughter,’ because your voice is stunning. . . . You’re one of the ones we’re gonna remember.”

Watch America's Got Talent on NBC to follow Evie Clair's journey on the show. 

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