Family of RM Jailed in Venezuela Say His Health Is Failing Him


Despite support from politicians in the United States and the support of Church members and lawyers in Venezuela, Josh Holt is still in prison, and his health is failing.

Flanked by dozens of family members, friends and neighbors in front of her Riverton home, Laurie Holt looked into television cameras and made a plea to the Venezuelan government to give her son adequate medical care.

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"Make sure he gets the help he needs," Holt urged. "I am pleading as a mom. … Please don't let him lay there and just die."

Josh Holt, 24, has been behind bars in Venezuela since June 30 after authorities contend he was stockpiling weapons in his new wife's apartment in Caracas.

He is suffering from internal bleeding as well as pneumonia-like symptoms, his mother said.

Lead image from KSL.
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