{Food Dish} A (Cookie) Day to Remember

We recently baked your cookie recipes—all of them. (We had to give everyone a fair chance, right?) The result was a cookie extravaganza. Utilizing the not unformidable tasting abilities of our colleagues at Deseret Book Corporate and our celebrity judges, including Lion House head baker Brenda Hopkin, we narrowed down the field and found our winner!

Beginning next Monday, watch as we announce the three runners up and the winner. Don’t worry—you, too, can taste some of the goodness we enjoyed. We will announce the winners by publishing their recipes online.

In the meantime, enjoy a visual feast of our cookie day (and a little rhyme, too).


Twas the day of the judging, when all through the building,

LDS Living was transporting cookies, to get ready for nibbling.


The cookies were nestled all snug on their plates,

anxiously awaiting their final fates.



The confections were then placed on the table with care . . .


. . . in hopes that our tasters soon would be there.


We quickly found ourselves on the sidelines of tasting,

having eaten our fill and in deep need of resting.

(This doesn't rhyme, but see the woman in the burgundy? That's Brenda Hopkin.)


Not long after, we sprang up, gave the voters a whistle,

And tallied the votes, preparing for cookie dismissal.

And tho some fav'rites did not make final cut,

In the end we agreed, the winner feels good in your gut!

(Milestone: ending a poem with the word "gut.")


Kate Ensign-Lewis is the Associate Editor at LDS Living. She loves cooking in her tiny kitchen, eating great new foods with her husband, and finding good entertainment and art. She likes (virgin) pina coladas, but does not like getting caught in the rain.

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