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Former "American Idol" Contestant Bri Ray Performs Beautiful, Soul-Stirring "Be Still My Soul" and "Holding"


Mormon Channel recently posted a video of former American Idol contestant Bri Ray as she performs her phenomenal original song "Holding" and the classic hymn "Be Still My Soul."

During a brief interview, Ray shared her inspiration behind "Holding" and her performance of "Be Still My Soul."

After hitting a rock bottom point many people experience in their lives, Ray shared how she gained inspiration for her song while looking for something she could hold on to. 

"It definitely made me realize that sometimes you feel like there's nothing left and you really feel like there's nowhere else for you to turn," she says. "But there's always a reason for you to stick around."

Three years ago, Ray's father experienced a severe stroke and she turned to music again to find comfort.

"I'm a daddy's girl so that was super, super hard for me," she says. "I remember just feeling completely lost and completely broken and this song was just kind of that peace for me."

Listen to Ray's incredible performance of both songs in the Mormon Channel video below. 

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"Be Still My Soul" & "Holding" - Bri Ray
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