Fox Host Rants About "Mormon Mafia," Mormons Own It Like Nobody's Business with Hilarious New Hashtag


Myths about a Mormon mafia in the FBIhave circulated for some time, mostly based on the fact that Mormons make great recruits and have a higher representation in intelligence agencies.

But Lou Dobbs, host of Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs Tonight, just spread the term "Mormon mafia" to politics, something Mormons on social media have come to own like nobody's business.

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Dobbs recently sent out an angry Tweet that Mormons have ironically turned into Twitter's best new hashtag—at least according to the Huffington Post.

A Trump supporter, Dobbs Twitter rant was directed at Evan McMullin, who could take away Utah's electoral votes from Trump.

The reactions to this tweet have been quite hilarious. Here's just a taste of some the best #MormonMafia tweets:

And check out this epic Studio C sketch that shows you what the Mormon mafia is really like:

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