Have you seen the Church's online art exhibit 'Meditations on Belief'? Here are a few of our favorite art pieces

Did you know the Church has a permanent online art exhibit? You can see all 151 pieces from the most recent International Art Competition here.

Artists were asked to create works based on the theme Meditations on Belief and Psalm 77:11–12: ‘I will remember the works of the Lord: surely I will remember thy wonders of old. I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings.’

Here are just a few of the pieces some of the team here at LDS Living fell in love with.

I love the happiness radiating from “The Visit” by Chu Chu. The bold colors, simple lines, and adorable figures speak joy to me. Everything from the animals, to the woman praying alone in the left-hand corner, to the open doors, to the children dancing, represent the giddy happiness of sharing and learning the gospel. This painting makes me excited and hopeful for the future of the gospel in China! —Emily Abel, LDS Living editorial

I love the painting “He Did It” by Wesley Mercês because of how it perfectly captures those moments in life when I find more stillness and peace. Those beautiful moments when I feel connected to Heavenly Father and Christ and get a glimpse of the bigger picture. —Erika Free, LDS Living podcasts

The painting “Good Samaritan” by Lynde Ann Mott made me teary-eyed. I loved the vibrant colors of youthful innocence combined with the message that serving others brings joy. To me, these girls truly epitomize the Savior’s admonition to “become as a little child,” and the idea of pretend play becoming reality—including charitable and Christ-like attributes—is one that I hope to instill and emulate with my own children. —Haley Lundberg, LDS Living editorial

I’m obsessed with the idea of dualism—yin and yang—in “Noah and Norah’s Ark” by Adam Klint Day. Every action or event in life has positive and negative consequences. Our darkest times are always accompanied by some form of light, eventually. Just like the story of Noah and Norah’s Ark—the earth was destroyed, but this allowed for a new beginning. —Jake Nordfelt, LDS Living marketing

“Salt Lake Temple Overlook” by Rob Adamson. I love that this piece captures beauty and spirituality in the busy and modern world we live, instead of some serene landscape we hope to escape to. —Nate Hjorth, LDS Living marketing

Click here to see the entire online exhibit, Meditations on Belief.  


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