Health Quiz: What Is Women's Biggest Complaint?


1. What is the most common health complaint of women in the U.S. today?
a. being overweight
b. heart disease
c. PMS
d. Fatigue

2. Which hormone in a woman’s body causes her the biggest problems in #1 above?
a. testosterone
b. estrogen
c. thyroid
d. cortisol

3. What hormone is most responsible for putting weight on a woman’s tummy?
a. thyroid
b. insulin
c. progesterone
d. cortisol 

Question 1: d. Fatigue. It is by far the most common complaint that women say affects their lives on a daily basis. Can you guess what the most common prescription is given for that fatigue? Antidepressants. In our opinion, that simply masks the problem instead of helping it.

Question 2: c. Thyroid. But so many women say, “My doctor checked my thyroid and said that ‘everything looks good.’” Those are three very dangerous words. Our question: “If everything looks so good, then why do I feel so lousy and tired all the time?” The problem is that they don’t properly check to see if the thyroid isn’t working.

Question 3: b. Insulin. Its nickname is “The Fat-Storing Hormone.” For any overweight person, if you can get your insulin under control, your tummy shrinks. This is not diabetes, it’s insulin resistance, and it is so easy to get insulin under control.

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