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Hollee L. Mackay

Hollee L. MacKay had all kinds of life plans when she met her husband, Brady, who changed the trajectory of everything. They dated for two years by the time they married so Hollee knew exactly what she was getting in to. Or did she? Her last 30 years have been full of world-wide adventure with her family due to Brady’s career that took them all over the world, and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

While raising their five kids in America, Thailand, and China, Hollee realized there was much she could do in serving God’s children, even without speaking their languages. She volunteered in orphanages and was very involved with the many needs of the members of the Church in Thailand. She was a liaison for the Church in her calling as the Public Relations Specialist for northern Thailand and she supported the missionary efforts, along with setting up senior missionary programs.

Hollee has a very tender heart for people from all walks of life and loves doing local refugee projects. Her favorite hobby is time spent with family and friends. She has a degree in journalism, working in video post-production for her family’s business, and is currently a copy editor. Hollee loves serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and loves learning the gospel.