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How a Nighttime Prompting Helped 2 Women Find Help for Their Depression


While speaking at an LDS Business College devotional, Sister Sue Clark, wife of Elder Kim B. Clark, shared a powerful prompting she received in the middle of the night that helped her seek help for the depression she had been struggling with all her life.

During one sleepless night, Sister Clark went to Heavenly Father in prayer. With a list of reasons why she might need medical help, as well as challenges she and her family had been facing, she cried and prayed to God for help to know whether she should look for help or get better on her own.

But the harder and longer she prayed, “I didn’t feel that I was being heard,” she said.

When no prompting or answer came, Sister Clark stood and began walking up the stairs to go back to sleep. Then on the third or fourth stair, she heard in her mind these words: “Help someone else.”

Not long after that night, she received a distinct impression to call the mother of a new family in her ward. This mother had been dealing with sick and sleepless children that night, and when Sister Clark asked if she could come by for a short visit, she welcomed her in.

When this woman answered the door, she tearfully told her, “Thank you so much for coming. I prayed hard last night for help, not knowing how I could face another night with my sick child. But the Lord said to me, ‘Don’t worry. Sue Clark will call in the morning.’”

Story and lead image by Valerie Johnson, Church News.
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