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How an LDS Woman Who Worked with Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg Now Works with Church Youth


“Finding our purpose is never a one-time event; it’s literally the work of our lives. It’s what we were created to do over and over and over again,” CEO of Deseret Network International Amy Antonelli told the Deseret News during an interview in her office in Salt Lake City.

Three weeks before Amy Antonelli was scheduled to speak at Brigham Young University-Idaho’s Power to Become conference in October 2014 about her successful career path, she lost her job.

Antonelli rewrote her speech about 20 times, trying to “skirt around" what had happened. But nothing felt right, she said, because it wasn’t the truth. Having scrambled to finish a final version at 2 a.m., Antonelli took the stage and shared her story.

“Imagine waking up the morning before your 40th birthday with no children and no spouse, having just been fired from a great job at Facebook and realizing that night you were supposed to speak to thousands of students about how to find their purpose in life," she said in her opening remarks.

Lead image from the Deseret News
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