How April general conference helped one Latter-day Saint with same-sex attraction find belonging


General conference isn’t always the easiest experience for Bradley S., a Latter-day Saint who experiences same-sex attraction.

In a new blog post on, he writes, “Sometimes general conference messages, especially those about dating or marriage or children, can be difficult for me and for other single members of the Church to hear because we erroneously think that we are alone, that we have diminished worth, and that we don’t belong.”

But during the April 2021 general conference, Bradley had a different experience—especially as he listened to Elder Gerrit W. Gong’s talk, “Room in the Inn.”

“Elder Gong poignantly reminded me that disciples of Jesus Christ come in all shapes and sizes,” he writes. “I may not have fulfilled all the plans of my childhood, but as a believer of the restored gospel, I do have a place. I do belong. And I can use my unique gifts and all my experiences as a single member to help build up the kingdom of God as I serve my sisters and brothers.”

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