‘I’m glad to be alive’: The ‘Berlin Candy Bomber’ on turning 100


Retired Air Force Col. Gail S. Halvorsen, internationally known as the “Berlin Candy Bomber,” celebrates his 100th birthday tomorrow, October 10, 2020. After a century of life experience and service, he shared his gratitude and love for life in a recent article for Church News.

During the Berlin Airlift, Halvorsen helped fly supplies into West Berlin. After a spiritual prompting one day to give the two sticks of gum in his pocket to children there, he felt inspired to do even more. He then figured out a way to drop candy out of his cargo plane: attaching little parachutes to the rations. Not only did he help children in need, the world became inspired by his kind example.

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Now, at nearly 100 years old, his kind example is still felt by many. He finds joy in calling friends on the phone, chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and offering a kneeling prayer of gratitude and love for the Lord each night.

“I’m glad to be alive,” he says. And to those who may feel discouraged, he offers his perspective: “Don’t give up too quick. There is something for you along the way. Don’t graduate when you are 60, 70, or 80. There are still a few things you can do to help even when you are 100 years old.”

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Lead image by Wikimedia Commons
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