Is Your Energy “Crashing”?


Emily consulted me for what she called her “personal energy crisis.” She was 39 years old, and she felt that with each passing year she was getting more tired. Some days she said she just wanted to stay in bed, but she has little ones, so she has to get up.

She went to her doctor and she ran the regular tests but found nothing wrong. She refused to take the offered antidepressant and left the clinic somewhere between angry and confused. “If everything is normal, why am I so tired?” she asked me. She resorted to self-medication by drinking caffeine several times a day, but that gave her a temporary lift, followed by a bigger crash. Slowly gaining weight, she was to the point of just not caring about life anymore.

We ran other tests.  We call it “Energy Enhancement Testing.”  Here’s what we found:

Her thyroid level was in the “low normal” range, which is why her doctor ignored it. Her cortisol was high, meaning she was living under a constantly stressed situation, causing her adrenals (the stress-handling glands) to burn out. Her progesterone was low normal, causing insomnia and PMS.  Her testosterone was “in the basement” so she had no real motivation to do much of anything. Her ferritin (iron) level was so low we considered sending her for an iron IV.

So here is the question:  how could this poor woman have any vigor, vitality or energy with her hormones all so low?

Answer:  she can’t.  It’s impossible.

Here is the other question:  why didn’t her doctor test any of those hormones to see the real reasons for her fatigue and lethargy?

Answer:  Because doctors either don’t see the necessity of testing for hormone deficiencies or because insurance companies sometimes won’t pay for the tests to be run. That’s the reality of it.

At the Utah Wellness Institute, we specialize in looking at men’s and women’s hormones to find out why you are so fatigued. We know you don’t enjoy living life in the “low normal range.” 

Want vigor and vitality? Get your hormones checked by the specialists at Utah Wellness Institute.  Call 801.576.1155 or you can go to our website,, and take our online hormone test to see if you have imbalanced hormones. At our office, we’ll test you like you never been tested before. The Energy Enhancement Testing will show why you lack the energy you need every day. We think outside the medical box. Because of restrictions mandated by insurance companies today, you probably are not getting the right testing done, and if that is the case with you, you may spend the rest of your life not even knowing why you are so tired and sluggish and overweight. Call today at 801.576.1155.

Lead image from Dr. Robert Jones

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