JRNL.com Announces New Sharing Feature with Friends and Family


JRNL.com, an online app that merges technology and journaling, providing users with the ability to record meaningful content quickly and easily, is pleased to announce their newest feature; Sharing. JRNL’s Sharing, part of their Free Basic package, allows users to tell a more complete story by obtaining contributions from friends and family.

“We are very excited to have Sharing available,” Nick Jones, Founder of JRNL, said. “One of the largest draws of social media is being able to share moments with friends and family. However, having personal stories in such a public forum limits what people will put there. We want our users to be able to tell their full story, with the help of friends and family, without worrying about who else might see it.”

JRNL’s Sharing is not like other online sharing options. Users have two ways of sharing entries to obtain contributions; 1 on 1 Sharing or Group Sharing.

JRNL’s 1 on 1 Sharing allows users to send an entry to individuals and receive comments on a one-on- one basis. Only the user and the individual who the entry was shared with can see the comments. Users can share to multiple individuals using 1 on 1, while keeping comments private.

Group Sharing makes it easier to share entries with a larger group of friends or family by allowing the user to share an entry with an unlimited group of individuals to receive comments. All comments in a Group share are visible to everyone shared in that instance. Multiple Group shares can be done on the same entry, allowing you to keep comments from one group separate from another.

“Our version of Sharing is designed to help people create more meaningful entries and capture greater details from multiple perspectives,” Jones adds. “The entries that I share with my wife are always enhanced when she adds her thoughts. JRNL allows for honest contributions and ultimately, the real beneficiaries will be our children.”

“We understand that every user is different, and that is why we built our Sharing feature differently,” Amy Veloz, Director of Communications for JRNL, said. “For me, when I think of Sharing I think of the All About Me question that asks what my thoughts were on my first day of Kindergarten. I wanted to answer that question and then share it with my Mom to get her comments. I can guarantee her thoughts on that day are different than mine. And I can share that with just her for feedback, or I can share with her and my Dad to get both of my parents’ reactions to that day. And it is just between them and me, no one else can see. Somehow, to me, that makes it more special.”

JRNL entries can be shared, using email addresses, to other JRNL users. If someone receives a shared entry but doesn’t have an account, accounts can be created for free atJRNL.com. For more information on JRNL, visit jrnl.com.


JRNL is a private journaling application designed for both web and mobile use. For more information on JRNL, visit jrnl.com. Get the latest updates on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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