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Katy Perry Raves Latter-day Saint's Performance Is Best So Far on "American Idol" Before Top 10 Are Revealed


Despite blowing the judges' minds since her audition on American Idol and being told by Katy Perry "You could win this competition!" Latter-day Saint Ashley Hess did not make the top 10 this week.

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After an emotional performance of Coldplay's "Fix You" during her first live performance, Perry told Hess, "To me, you look like Diana Krall and you sing like Carole King. You are an amazing singer/songwriter and it was amazing and you are really growing so beautifully."

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Lionel Richie agreed that Hess's performance was "very, very strong" while also acknowledging, "Everybody is ruling tonight. I don't know what is happening. It's in the water; it's in the stars."

Despite another strong performance, America did not vote Hess through to the top 10 so she had to fight for one of the judge's wildcards. During Monday night's show, Hess sang Stevie Wonder's "Sir Duke" and once again wowed the judges.

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Luke Bryan called Hess fearless and noted how she proved that she could be comfortable and confident on the stage as well as behind a piano. Perry added, "That was the best performance from you that I've ever seen." Unfortunately, it was not enough to put Hess through to the top 10. 

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