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Latter-day Saint Olympian MyKayla Skinner shares her testimony, talks life after gymnastics

Scott G. Winterton via Deseret News

The two vaults MyKayla Skinner performed at last year’s Olympic finals in Tokyo were over in seconds—but their combined result proved life-defining for the Latter-day Saint gymnast.

Prior to the Aug. 1, 2021, Olympics women’s vault finals, Skinner had long been classified as an elite international athlete and a “medal hopeful.”

But when her second-place finish was announced, she graduated to rarefied company that holds no expiration date: Olympic medalist.

Church News readers have long followed the gymnastics career of the Arizona-born, lifelong Church member—stretching back to her teenage days as a Team USA alternate on the 2016 Olympics squad, then as a decorated All-American collegiate at the University of Utah and, finally, as an Olympic medalist who became one of the biggest stars of the Tokyo Summer Games.

Her Latter-day Saint fans also appreciate that Skinner is as comfortable talking about her religious beliefs as she is breaking down her performances on the balance beam or uneven bars.

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