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Latter-day Saint Teen Steals the Show in the Best Super Bowl Commercial


For those who tuned into Super Bowl LIII, you might have noticed Latter-day Saint Kyle Van Noy, whose 14-yard sack on Los Angeles quarterback Jared Goff and rock-solid defense contributed to the Patriots holding the Rams to only three points in the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history.

But you may have also noticed another Latter-day Saint who stole the show in the most well-thought-out and executed commercial of the game: the NFL's "100-Year Game."

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With 44 NFL stars from past and present including Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Deion Sanders, Joe Montana, Aaron Donald, to name just a few, doing impressive stunts on screen, 15-year-old Sam Gordon enters the mix, showing women have their place among the football greats.

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The 100-Year Game | SBLIII

Sam Gordon was 8 years old when the video of her breaking tackles and running past boys in her tackle football league made her a football sensation.


Sam “Sweet Feet” Gordon wasn’t an overnight sensation—her rise to fame was much faster than that. “She posted her story in the morning before leaving for school, and three hours later, The Ellen [DeGeneres] Show called, and the next day, Good Morning America had a camera crew at our home,” her father, Brent Gordon, says.

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Since then, Sam has been a favorite with national news outlets from ESPN to Sports Illustrated.

The NFL recently highlighted Sam's incredible achievements in inspiring girls to join football leagues across the nation:

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The Viral Female Football Star Sam Gordon I Game Changer

Sam's football fame has been hard earned, and she has been impressing coaches on the field since her first game. “I scored a touchdown on my very first play ever in my very first game, and I ended up scoring four more times that game on only eight carries,” she shares. “I hope my story will inspire girls to have big dreams."

Sam’s story is so inspirational because she didn’t let gender biases stop her from chasing her dreams—she wanted to play football, so she played football. She says she wants people to hear her story and not be afraid to accomplish their dreams—as impossible as they may seem. But the most important thing she wants people to learn from her experience is this: “Little girls can do big things!”


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