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LDS Mom Who Lost Son to Suicide Shares Her Story, Helps Parents Connect with Their Teens During a Crisis


LDS mother and blogger Heidi Swapp spoke to an audience of parents at a local fire station to address how they can help their teens when they experience a crisis in their personal lives. 

Heidi Swapp said since she lost her 16-year-old son Cory to suicide in 2015, she's been bombarded with emails and social media messages by parents who are worried about their own teens.

"I want them to feel they are not alone in their anxiety about their kids," Swapp said.

The mother of five spoke to a crowd of parents at the Herriman Fire station. She shared her story and what she's learned about the importance of connecting with your kids, so you can help them when they are in crisis.

Swapp said when kids are in crisis, they need parents to be like first responders, not first reactors.

She said if a firefighter or other first responder freaked out in response to someone's call for help, the victim wouldn't trust the first responder to help them.

It's the same with parenting

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