LDS Mothers to Host "Retreat for Missionary Moms" in October


Mothers of missionaries and future missionaries have the opportunity to learn about what their son or daughter will experience in the mission field, make friends, and prepare themselves to be a supportive mission parent at an upcoming Retreat for Missionary Moms on October 25th. The event, organized by three missionary moms, will be held in the University of Las Vegas Ballroom in Las Vegas, Nevada and feature keynote speakers like Travis Tuttle, one of the missionaries who inspired the Saratov Approach, singer Janice Kapp Perry, and The Nashville Tribute Band.

The event was inspired by The Work of Salvation Worldwide Broadcast on June 23, 2013, according to event organizer Marcene Oldham. “After sending six sons on missions myself with two currently serving, I felt there would be real value in providing solid information to mothers and parents about concerns,” Oldham said. The goal, she added, is to reduce the number of early-return missionaries, help mothers feel loved and supported, and prepare them to send their children out into a turbulent world.

At the last retreat, held in July, missionary moms had the opportunity to hear from recently-released mission presidents and their wives, mental health experts, and authors of the book Trails to Testimony.

 “When parents spend less time worrying about their missionaries, they have more time to do missionary work themselves,” Oldham said. “It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had and all of our presenters have agreed to continue in our goal to provide solid information to parents.”

Read more about the upcoming event and register for the Retreat for Missionary Moms on the event website.

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