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LDS Olympian Featured on Ted Talks: "I Never Actually Wanted to Be in the Olympics"


LDS Olympian Kate Hansen admitted that as a child, she did luge just to get out of class. She didn't really want to become a world champion or an Olympian.

But then one day she discovered the determination she needed to make it on the Olympic field, something which drove her to win the USA Luge National Championship with a broken foot in 2013.

Amidst her training, Hansen spoke of the pressure that comes from living with other Olympians and always comparing yourself or competing with those around you. "When I went to the Olympics, I had to choose who I wanted to be," she says in a Ted Talk. But, despite the struggle to make it to the Olympics, and the depression that followed, Hansen quoted Greg Madsen: "Challenges in the moment seem insurmountable, but when you look back they are blessings in disguise."

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