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LDS Principal Ballerina Shares How the Gospel Brings Success


“The road to becoming a professional ballerina has been a wonderful but challenging one," Rebekah Petty, a principal ballerina in Australia toldMormon Newsroom. "I'm grateful for a family who raised me with strong gospel principles and a knowledge of eternal perspective. Putting the Lord first has helped me find real joy and a great many successes in my life, both personal and professional!”

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The 27-year-old principal dancer with the Victorian State Ballet recently shared with omika.com how she balances her career with her family as well as this powerful advice for young girls:

It looks like a pretty glamorous job but in all honesty, it is hard, hard work! I have had many occasions where I’ve felt overly burdened with challenges and each time I have tried to face it with as much positivity as possible. I’ve had many a fall or forgetful moment on stage and you just do what you can to keep moving forward and don’t be afraid to laugh about it after! . . .
Never ever give up. Everyone who has ever achieved anything once had someone who told them no. Find your why, find what you love, and hold onto it. Never underappreciate your family and friends who support you and ignore those who don’t. Your future is your choice. You really can do anything you want, as long as you’re willing to brave the hard times, you will be so rewarded and it’ll all be worth it in the end!

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