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LDS Singer Brandon Flowers's Solo Album Goes Gold, Tops UK Charts


Lead singer for The Killers Brandon Flowers reached gold-record status with his second solo album, "The Desired Effect."

The album, which reached no. 1 on U.K. music charts and no. 17 on the Billboard 200 chart, sold 500,000 copies to become a gold album. 

"Stay gold Desired Effect. Well........ for a little while anyway," the LDS singer tweeted, along with a picture of him with the gilded album. 

Flowers has reached platinum record status for several of his other albums and, though his career is demanding, Flowers says in his "I'm a Mormon" video the importance of his family is more than his music. 

"I get in arguments every now and then with our booking agent if he puts us out on the road too long. . . . I don't want to miss out on things," he says. 

And in other ways, Flowers isn't shy about sharing his LDS faith with others. In everything from his "I'm a Mormon" video to interviews and even defending the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith on a Norweigan talk show, Flowers shares his beliefs with others around the world. 

"It is part of my identity," Flowers told Belfast Telegraph. "It isn't something I am going to try to hide or shy away from. I guess some people are pretty private about their beliefs and their spirituality. I've always been (out there with it). It is a Mormon thing to be that (way). It is part of the deal."

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