{LDSL Blog} Casserole Contest Pictures

I think I can I can speak for the whole corporate office of Deseret Book when I say the LDS Living recipe contest days are the best work days of the year. Seriously.

We received a few dozen amazing casserole recipes from our readers and enlisted a number of chefs to make them, and then tested them with our food-loving co-workers here at Deseret Book. We served over 1,000 samples, filled our stomachs until we could only waddle, and voted for the tastiest casserole in the LDS world. And can I just say, your recipes did not disappoint!

For our third place winner, click here, and stayed tuned in the following weeks for the second and first place recipes.

Also, start pulling out your cookbooks again because our next recipe contest is just around the corner. Starting March 1, we'll be looking for the best Dessert Bars!





Thanks again for all the tasty recipes! They made for a most delicious day.

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