{Lifestyle} Tips to Organize Your Kitchen


Photo from The Stonybrook House.

Instead of going out and buying expensive drawer organizers that often don't fit your needs, you can make your own (adorable) ones from old cereal boxes that will perfectly corral your silverware, weird-shaped kitchen gadgets, and other odds and ends like twist ties.


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Do you hate it when you have to pull out every pot, pan, and dish you own out of the cupboard to get to the one you need? Try adding extra layers of shelving like this to make your dishes more accessible.


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Our family's cleaning supplies always seem to end up split among the kitchen pantry, an extra closet in our kitchen, under the kitchen sink, and under the bathroom sink(s). Which means you're never quite sure where anything is. Buy a cheap shoe organizer at Wal-mart and get all your cleaning supplies neatly in one space.


Photo from The Family Handyman.

This is an ingenious way to store your cutting boards that never seem to fit anywhere. Just follow the link for a tutorial on how to build your own.


Photo from Decor Chick.

Build lazy susans into the corners of your kitchen pantry to make more space for food and make that food more accessible, so you won't have anymore last-minute runs to the grocery store for things you thought you had but can't seem to find.


Photo from The Family Handyman.

Don't like a messy fridge with a million magnets, lists, and pieces of artwork stuck to it? You can help hide some of the mess my creating a magnet/white board on the inside of cupboard doors.


Photo from Martha Stewart.

Another great way to organize your pots and pans so you can just get out one at a time--buy a divider like the ones typically used for office files (but make sure it's sturdy!) and use that to separate your dishes.

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