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Becoming friends with the Savior with Lizzy Jensen

Tue Nov 29 05:00:05 EST 2022

Have you ever wanted to feel a deeper friendship with Jesus Christ? To not only know about Him, but to really know Him? Today's episode explores the idea that knowing the Savior and really understanding who He is takes more than being familiar with the facts about His life. And when we truly come to know Jesus Christ as not just a figure, but a friend, we are changed.

He is calling and saying, 'I've got something better.'
Lizzy Jensen

A few months ago, Lizzy Jensen shared that she felt a hunger to get to know the Savior. In fact, she wrote, “I want to know Him. I want to have a closer relationship with Him. I want to think like Him and act like Him.” She decided to study the Savior in a way that would foster a closer relationship with him. She calls it #SaviorSundayStudies. We were inspired by her idea to become friends with Jesus Christ—to truly know him and not just know about him.

Top takeaways from this episode!

  1. Getting to know the Savior takes acting as his hands and serving others around you.
  2. Sometimes, it is uncomfortable to represent the Savior, but it is always worth bringing his light to others.
  3. He is never disappointed in us, and wants us to follow him so that we can have his joy.
  4. Spending time with him will change us for the better.

Small & Simple Challenge:

Kneel down in prayer and ask the Lord to help you feel that he is calling to you and that you matter to him. Then ask how you can serve and be his hands.


Kathryn Davis 0:00

Have you ever felt hungry to know Jesus? Hi, and welcome to magnify and LDS Living podcast where we talk about using our influence as followers of Jesus Christ to make a difference in the world. I'm your host, Kathryn Davis, a mom, a seminary teacher and a Traeger enthusiast who loves God. Knowing the Savior and really understanding who he is, is more than knowing about his life on Earth and his work. When we truly come to know Jesus Christ as not just a figure, but as a friend, we are changed. A few months ago, Lizzy Jensen shared that she felt a hunger to get to know the Savior. In fact, she wrote, I want to know him. I want to have a closer relationship with Him. I want to think like him and act like him, she decided to study the Savior in a way that would foster a closer relationship with him. She calls it Savior Sunday studies, we were inspired by her idea to become friends with Jesus Christ to truly know Him and not just know about him. And so we are so excited that Lizzy is here to talk with us today. Lizzy, thanks so much for being here.

Lizzy Jensen 1:09

Thank you so much for having me.

Kathryn Davis 1:11

Okay, Lizzy, we love to throw some rapid fire questions at our guests as a way to get to know them. Can I throw a couple of questions at you? Yes. Okay, number one, you love to go on adventures with your family? What is your number one tip for taking kids on excursions and adventures?

Lizzy Jensen 1:31

Oh, I wasn't expecting this one. Okay, I would probably say it's all about your mindset. Don't even call it a vacation, call it an adventure. If you think it's going to be a vacation and you have like close to five kids like me or one kid, you're probably going to be disappointed. But if you see it as an adventure, and you think about the day ahead as an adventure, you won't be disappointed and everything as to the whole experience, whether it's a missed flight, which hopefully hasn't happened too often, or the funny person that you meet or something being canceled and then you happen upon another plan. Like, it just makes it fun and almost a little bit out of your control, which isn't a bad thing when you're experiencing something together as a family.

Kathryn Davis 2:14

Okay, that's such good advice. I've never even thought of that, like such a simple easy mind switch and adventure, not a vacation. Love it. Okay, what is something you're most looking forward to right now?

Unknown Speaker 2:25

I actually... so every Sunday, I do a Sunday planning session. And I do like what I'm excited about biggest opportunities and what I want to be known for and what I'm most proud or grateful for. So I actually write down every week what I'm excited about. And I had to pause because there's like, so really, I do, and I love it. And it's a really amazing practice that friends shared with me two years ago in 2020. And I haven't, I've maybe missed two weeks of doing this practice and journaling. And honestly, there's like so much I'm excited about I don't even know where to start. Obviously the holidays coming up. There's so much to be excited about. I always do some fun goal setting for the new year. I'm making a big shift in some of my business stuff. Everything... life is exciting, but that that weekly practice really brings it all to the forefront. So a lot.

Kathryn Davis 3:10

So you've been doing that every week for two years. Yeah, writing what you're excited about

Unknown Speaker 3:15

Excited, opportunities, grateful for and what I want to be known or remembered for.

Kathryn Davis 3:20

What have you noticed the most as you've done this? like what have been some of the changes in your life?

Unknown Speaker 3:25

Well, I actually start with a page of journaling before. And that has been super powerful. Just seeing what comes to mind when you're just I just kind of do a free write, like, here's the main things that happened. And then I usually realize I'm stuck at one point, like I need to write more about it or think more about it. So that's been a really good practice just recognizing where I may have some like stuck emotions or feelings or things I needed to process or something that was really meaningful and impactful for me that maybe I didn't even really realize, because I just didn't focus on it. Life just moves so fast. Yeah, so that's been huge. And then that list of four, I think it just keeps you seeing from a higher vantage point, kind of getting on top of the trees instead of bushwhacking at the bottom which sometimes motherhood or business can feel like right? It keeps you with that 30,000 foot elevation view like looking down and wow, this is the big picture of where my life's going. This is where I'm a little out of whack. That was not maybe how I would have wanted, you know, it just keeps me guided from where I'd actually probably rather be than those day to day minutia that can kind of make you feel stuck sometimes.

Kathryn Davis 4:33

I love that. I'm going to try that. Yeah. My final question for you is I know you have two daughters who are mono mono twins. Yes. And have you ever seen moments of twin telepathy or anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 4:49

That's so funny. Totally. And like from a young age, I could pull up family videos of the two of them. And people say this like the twin talk, where they'd be in their cribs together, and they would come together and clearly are just like blabbering, it makes no sense. And they would sit and laugh their heads off at each other. And they still do it. Like, obviously, they can talk now, they're nine years old. But sometimes we just kind of watch them like, nobody knows what's going on besides the two of you, but you think it's hilarious or you just really understand each other. It's, it's actually really sweet. That twin connection.

Kathryn Davis 5:26

I love that. So I really want to talk with you today. You've started a personal journey that you've invited others to go on with you. And you call it the Savior Sunday studies. And you have shared that you're hungry to know Jesus. And then you wrote, I don't want to know about him, or what he did. I want to know him. I want to feel like he's my friend. And I'm his friend. I want to ask a couple questions about why you wrote this, and what you've been learning through your Sunday studies. But what inspired you first of all, to feel like this like to feel hungry to know the Savior?

Unknown Speaker 6:06

I don't think it was just one thing. Like I think this has been. I mean, we talk about Jesus calling. And I think he's been calling throughout my whole life, I can think of different times throughout my life where that hunger has been more intense and more obvious, and maybe even more real. But most of those times in the past, I think, really were led by something hard. I was going through where you mentioned my twin, I was in the hospital with them. And we didn't know if they were going to make it and being in a state where you have really no control in your life. A lot of people I think turned to religion, turn to the Savior turn to God at times like that. There's that what does that call like? There's no atheists in foxholes. But the last two years, really, it's been different. And I'd like hunger is kind of the only word I can use. And I don't even really know if it's just me. Probably it's just him calling me or maybe I'm just hearing it for different reasons. But it's like, it's not enough to just study. I don't want to just study his life or study who he was or, you know, thinking talking in past tense and what happened before, you know, and thinking through this, there was a talk that was in general conference in 2020. And there were a couple of things that were said in that conference that I remember kind of igniting a little spark, and it was called becoming like him by Elder Scott de Whiting. And there were two quotes. And I remember they just kind of stood out when I heard him. And then when I went and read, I was like, I've never heard these, they were both from the same book. And they sounded like elder Maxwell quotes, where they were just so well said, okay, and they hit your heart in a way that you're just like, ah, the way he put that, you know, it just, it just resonates those words they use, yes, something special. But it wasn't it was from this minister named Charles Sheldon. And this was the first one. He said, our Christianity loves its ease and comfort to well, to take up anything so rough and heavy as a cross. And, oh, that one hits you in the gut. Like, that's one of those like, it's true. Like, we like to be comfortable, I think, right? A lot of our prayers and prayers of our kids are like, help me to have fun, help me to be happy, we love comfort, we'd like to feel like it's hot enough or cold enough, or we have enough food, and it's the right temperature. And like, it's funny that it kind of consumes us being comfortable. And then the second quote is a little bit long. It's has a similar feel. It says if our definition of being a Christian is simply to enjoy the privileges of worship, be generous, at no expense to ourselves, have a good easy time surrounded by pleasant friends, and by comfortable things live respectively, and at the same time, avoid the world's great stress of sin and trouble, because it's too much pain to Barrett, if this is our definition of Christianity, surely we're a long way from following in the steps of him who trod the way with groans and tears and sobs of anguish for a lost humanity. Who sweat as it were great drops of blood, who cried out in the effort Cross My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? I read these two quotes, and I was like, What is this book? And why have I never heard of it? Again, it's Charles sell them. The book is called in his steps. So I looked it up. It was written in the early 1900s. It's one of the most published translated books of all time, but when he wrote the book, he wanted it to spread as far and wide as possible. So he never copyrighted the book. So even now, if you go look on Amazon, there's a few different versions. You'll find some typos, but it's this gem classic. It's about this man. It was a pastor. And at the beginning of the book, this man comes this beggar comes to town and it's that kind of in the 1900 towns where there were the railroads and the boxing matches and the newspapers and this man comes and he knocks the doors of all these people in the town and kind of nobody helps him. He's really not met with much. The same with the pastor when the man comes and knocks at the door. The pastor is in the middle of writing a sermon about G As Christ and just doesn't have time for the first chapter of the book, The man comes into the sermon then that Sunday, and he says, Who are you Christians? And why? Why did no one open their door to me or respond to me? And then he dies. And it's this big, dramatic scene. And from this action, the pastor realizes like, are we really becoming like Christ? And they take this vow, a few probably 20 in the congregation that for one year, they'll take the vow to do what to ask the question. In all situations, what would Jesus do? And they all take the vow, and they hold each other accountable throughout the year. And then it follows the journey of all these different people, a wealthy philanthropist, someone who owns the newspaper, a woman with a beautiful voice, and what that question spurs in that that really introspective question, what would Jesus do in my exact situation? So I read the book, I have this little gold bracelet made that says what would Jesus do? And by the way, that's where that phrase comes from? That's hats and T shirts and bracelets, what would Jesus do comes from this book from this book? Yeah. And I think it kind of started there, and then has spun into a few things over the last two years of like you said, this journey of that I'm doing poorly and making lots of mistakes. And it's, it's my quest, you know. So

Kathryn Davis 11:22

I think it's really interesting. And I love that you use that word hunger, right, that you are hungry to get to know the Savior as a friend. And I think the times where we really are hungry is when there's a lack, like, I haven't eaten in a while on fast Sunday, I'm really hungry, because I haven't been eating. And so I think that when you use that phrase, like you were hungry to get to know the Savior, I think it implies that there was something lacking, what was that lack for you in your relationship with Jesus Christ that started you on this quest?

Unknown Speaker 11:57

I think part I mean, I liked that this time around. It wasn't because I had some huge trial. It wasn't like rice was actually going really well for our family and our kids. And it was more kind of at a place where there was a bit of a low of trials of really hard things. So it's actually a little bit ironic, even when you ask the question, like, what was the thing? And I don't know, I think about Jesus calling each of us I think about the specific times when he called people in the scriptures, I don't know, I maybe it really is that he's calling all of us. And that when we hear that call, and we feel him, maybe when we see the lack in our own life of where we come up short, and when we're impatient or unkind, or whatever it is, or just don't act on impressions, we feel this hunger to say, gosh, I just How did he do it? How did he consistently do it, serve and give and love and turn the other cheek. And I think that really is the hunger is feeling this higher, holier way, he just lived by different rules. He did it so differently, the world says, and for me, it's this hunger of saying, like, I want to get there. And not just because I feel ashamed, or I feel like I fall short. And I feel bad, like, sure those feelings come to, but really like his teachings live on not just in Christianity, but in the world, because he flipped the script of the Roman Empire, and really how people just naturally think of looking out for the man and putting yourself first and he flipped the whole script. And then he said, that's how you find joy. If you want to really full life, you don't need a thing. You don't need to purchase anything. You just follow me and you give your life for others, and just watch the joy that's going to come and it's the message itself, like talking outside of religious contact, it's so intriguing to think that it works, because we don't play by those rules so often, but I think some of the hunger is just like, I want to live that free. I want to live where I would give literally the coat off my back. Not say, oh, man, look, a lot of these people have coats, I should organize a coat drive. And what's the big thing I could do just like, take off my coat. The minute I see the need and trust another one's coming like that, you know, in pop culture, I think it's more and more we hear these phrases like the law of abundance and don't think scarcity and see what will come to you if you give but I think that's who Jesus really was. And he came down with that message from God to say, there's a better way. There's not a better way. And I think part of that hunger is like I want to live that way. Right now.

Kathryn Davis 14:34

See, I think that's so powerful, especially in a world where I think it's really easy to be apathetic. And I think we have to fight through that apathy every day. And to realize I love how you said that heaven is calling us for a higher and a holier way and to live a holier way and if we listen, if we tap into that, then that hunger I think can begin to fill out to live that higher and holy are way to push aside the apathy.

Unknown Speaker 15:04

Yep. And maybe even with apathy, there's also then all the distraction. Like, I think your comment of being still the past 10 years, my journey of study and having time in the morning and making time to hear God, that probably is the first step being still enough to not be distracted to not be apathetic, and really listen for that call. Because I, you know, I'm not I'm not special, I'm not the only one Jesus is calling to. And I'm not the only one with that hunger or the lack in my life, I think any of us who are on this journey, it's there, he's there, he's calling and saying, I've got something better, you know,

Kathryn Davis 15:43

I love that thought. How many of us, is he calling to right now, all of us to say, Come and live this higher and holier way. And I love this idea that there are so many different roles and titles of the Savior, you mentioned that you specifically wanted to be his friend. So what is it about his title or that role of friend that spurred on this idea of a personal relationship with him? Why friend,

Unknown Speaker 16:13

I think in the past, when I think about Jesus Christ, there's been a lot of teaching about him being our Savior and our King and how unworthy we are and how far from him we are, which I still wholeheartedly believe. And I maybe believe more than ever trying to follow more closely in his steps. I think I realized how far I am. But I think I was really has like, even the term like he's my brother, or he's my friend was even taught like, you shouldn't think that you shouldn't talk about that. Like, that doesn't show enough respect. Because he's a god, you know, yeah. But I think just over the past few years, thinking about how he interacted with his disciples, thinking about who he is thinking about who the perfect man would be, and what he would feel like him look like. And again, that call, I think, from him, is just felt like, No, I want to be close to you. And not just when you're struggling, and not just when you're having a hard time and you need me, but like, it's just it's really magical. When you find those friendships, and they just like you, you know, they're like, they just want to be around you, even though you're kind of weird. And you have things where you make mistakes, and you're not a perfect friend. Like when you really find a friend that just likes you. I don't know if there's anything more magical in this life than really great friendship. And I don't know, the more I study about him and learn about him, I think he has to want to be around us. It wasn't an impersonal sacrifice up on that cross. Do you? He's the way he acted in the New Testament. And when we read personal accounts of his life, he liked people. He worked with them. And he got down on the ground. And he was there with a little children. And that's who he is. And so if I think if we always say, but I couldn't call him a friend. I don't know. Is that what he would really want? Obviously, not saying we're on his level, or we're definitely we're not worthy. But that's part of the magic of it. It's a friendship we're not deserving of we try and we want to do things for him, but we don't really deserve it. And he still wants to be with us. Like that's, I mean, it's amazing. It's humbling. It's exceptional,

Kathryn Davis 18:27

right. Like that is I mean, I think it's in the doctrine cabinet. The Savior refers to ssh friends more than 25 times

Unknown Speaker 18:36

that I didn't know that number. Yeah. And so

Kathryn Davis 18:39

maybe that is something that he is inviting us to become is a friend because I think a friendship is an interesting approach to take in getting to know the Savior, because that implies that it's a two way relationship. You said I want to feel like he's my friend, and I'm his friend. And so if we're focusing on a friendship with the Savior, what have you done to learn more about him? What have you done to become his friend, and for him to be your friend?

Unknown Speaker 19:13

I'll just start out by saying, just saying those words is so humbling. Like it moves me to tears to think about and it almost gives me more offer him it's one thing to say he's a God and he suffered for all it's almost I can't fathom that. Just my sacrifice for my own kids is about as big as I can think and go but thinking that someone who loved so perfectly who sacrificed so perfectly likes me to wants me around, that invokes in me so much desire to be better, and to serve better and to act on the promptings that feel really scary and big. Isn't it like man, he accepts me he wants me around. I'm going to try and he sacrificed for me knowing that I was going to not do it? Well, I was going to do it pretty poorly. And he was okay with that. I mean, that's enough to humble me to the core to say, Okay, you just tell me. I'll keep trying. I'll keep. I'll keep going. And if you're okay with me making a mistake and trying again tomorrow. All right, I'll follow you anywhere what's right,

Kathryn Davis 20:17

and how important it is to realize in that friendship that he's never mad, or disappointed in us when we fall short. He's not disappointed.

Unknown Speaker 20:28

I mean, back to that concept of like, him calling us to this higher and holier way. I used to think of that, like, oh, and then when I make a mistake, like he's so disappointed, and, oh, he's got that stern finger in my face. It's like, man, you failed. But no, it's like, I just, I see him now saying, I just want you to have the joy I have. Man, you missed it today. I'm so sorry. I have more joy there for you. Sorry. Let's try again tomorrow. He's sad, because I I'm not feeling the joy and happiness. He knows I could have if I just followed him. Not mad at me. He suffered more. He has so much compassion. He gave his life for me. He's not mad at me. But boy, does he want me to reach it. Because then I get to be with I get to be his friend. We get to do the work together. He wants that for all of us to be one with him as he's one with God. And so when we when we don't get to be in the inner circle, because of our decisions, not his, I think he's just like, Darn it. Right? I had something good for you. That's all right. Let's try. There's there's more tomorrow, believe me, there's more people to help.

Kathryn Davis 21:32

So let's see, how do you get there? What have you done to strengthen that friendship with

Unknown Speaker 21:40

Jesus Christ. So I'm sure for everybody, it looks different. And the path is different. And part of that we don't even control because it's, you know, it's the trials. And it's the difficult things. But really the last two years, I've been more systematic about it. President Nelson had invited us all to study the topple guide. And all of the names and the topics surrounding the Savior.

Kathryn Davis 22:02

Ken, I loved that talk from President Nelson were in conference, he said Jesus Christ gave His life. Also, we could have access to godly power, power sufficient to deal with the burdens, obstacles and temptations of our day. And then he went on to say in order to access that godly power, he read and underlined, every verse cited about Jesus Christ, like what you were referencing, and then he he said, a statement which took me off guard a little bit. He said, after he did that, he said, I am a different man. It just started running through my mind like, he's a prophet. And if he's different, what would that do for me? If I started to read every verse cited about Jesus Christ. And so I took that challenge. And it changed me. It changed me and my relationship with him. What What else have you found has been helpful?

Unknown Speaker 23:02

So when I first started this Savior Sunday studies, I kind of just threw it out there, I threw it out on the Instagram and was like, I feel this hunger, the thing that you quoted, and had a lot of people respond back, like I'm feeling the same hunger, I want to do the same thing. And one of those who responded back was a girl named Mackenzie Rucker, who I've actually worked with before. She's a graphic designer. Brilliant, does incredible work. And she said, I would love to help you put this together as like a real packet or something. So other people who were following along can do it too. And you can actually find it on her website. And that's where everything is hosted. We got on and we kind of talked about what would these materials look like we wanted to provide some worksheets, where people could just record what they were learning, recording how they would were being changed, then one of the things we talked about is like, if you really want to get to know a person, you spend time with them, you learn about them. And then one of the huge things that stuck out to both of us as you serve them, obviously with the Savior, like, you know, I wish we all lived in his presence all the time. But in the scriptures it talks about and as much as you've done unto the least of these my brother, and you've done it unto me. So you said there has to be some component of service as a part of this. So every week and I have not done this perfectly, but I made an effort to do at least one act of service for him, where I feel like I'm serving Him and kind of went back even to reading that book in the beginning where I felt like how would I live if I really made the commitment to do everything I was prompted to do, and to do what Jesus would do, and how that impacted my life along with what you said, studying him and learning about him. Yeah, then also trying to act like him. I mean, I have a whole list of of miracles that have happened when I've just acted but the funny thing was that first week, I make this commitment. I start the Savior Sunday studies and I go into this restaurant, fast casual place. I'm on a on a phone call. And I look up and I see two men one younger one older, not sure the relationship it looks kind of like a dad with maybe a high school college age son. But there was something he did was happening. And the son or this kid being mentored whatever the relationship was, Don't up like he was gonna go. And then the older man kind of got in his face like you sit down, but you could feel like, love there like he was he was trying something was happening, there was an experience. And this older man was trying to help. And I have this impression, like, go give that kid a hug. And I was like, No, I don't want to. He's heated. There was just some things there where I was just like, This is too much. I don't want to do this, right. And I didn't do it. I didn't dare do it. And I didn't. And I was on the phone, I, you know, rationalize, like, well, I'm on the phone with this girl. And I need to finish this phone call. I mean, bottom line, I definitely could have done it. I don't know what would have happened. And maybe it would have been totally rejected. But I didn't do it. And I walked out and I got in the car. And I just felt like really disappointed. But also like really curious, like, what would have happened? Why did he want me to hug that kid? What could I have diffused? And like, what part of their story could I have been a part of, if I would have been on his errands, you know, that inner circle like I could, who knows why don't something or helped or whatever. So a week later, or a couple of the end of that week, I'm at a BYU football game versus Notre Dame, the fans were amazing. It was like it was actually so fun. And they're really religious school. And we're really religious school. And I have some cool interactions one with a girl in line who just said, I just I walk around. And I just feel like I'm seeing all Notre Dame fans because it just feels so good. Because I know you're religious, it was just the sweet thing. But in the stands, we were sitting behind this couple. And at first they were nice. And then it kind of went south pretty quickly. And the husband started drinking and kept coming back with more and more alcohol. And with every drink, he kind of got more and more loose and kept talking pointing to my husband and saying really derogatory things about our faith. And it was just it was just uncomfortable. But after a while my husband looked down and he said, You know, it's just it's not, it's not okay. Like you can say at once joking, but to continue to say derogatory things about my family and about my faith, like, it's just not okay, I would never do that to you. And it diffused it and he apologized. Well, a couple minutes later, I have this feeling go talk to this couple and show them a picture of your family. And just express love, but let them know what it feels like from a real human perspective. Like, oh, why? Why are you I don't want to do this.

Kathryn Davis 27:39

Why are all these so hard?

Unknown Speaker 27:41

So hard. And just weird. licensees are kind of weird, you know? Yeah. But I think because I had said no before, and and really regretted it really felt like I don't know what would have happened. I want to know what's gonna happen. So my husband was standing between me and this couple. And so I walked past my husband, and I could just see on his face, like, what are you doing? What are you about to do? We already cleared the air. But I just kind of tapped in both the husband and wife on the shoulder. And I got my phone out. And I had a picture of my family. And I said, I know you kind of clear the air. But I just felt like I should come over and show you our family and show you who we are. And like, we're members of the Church of Jesus Christ. And we're real people. Like when people say that are arbitrary things like my kids hear that. And it really impacts us like, it really isn't kind. I just want you to know, like, we're real human beings, and we have feelings, and we're doing our best to follow Jesus Christ. And maybe I'm the only person of my faith you'll meet. And I want you to meet a real person. And I love you. I just felt like I should come tell you that. And they both just like, Oh, stop there, you know. And the wife apologized. And she was like, you know, my husband actually has a drinking problem. And this is super embarrassing for me. Thank you for saying this. And thank you for being so human. And thank you for this interaction. And the husband again, apologize when I went back to my seat. And about 510 minutes later, she walked back over again. And she turned around, she has tears in her eyes. And she said, I just want to say thank you. For your example of courage and bravery, you didn't know how we would have reacted. I just have like a lot of respect that you would have come over and said that and just showed up as a real person. And so tough love. And I just want to say thank you. And I like shook her hand. And I'm like teary too, and unless you have accuracy, and that was the end of it. And I think about these interactions, and I have 10 more I could share where they felt uncomfortable. But little things happened where I could just tell like Jesus's hand is in this. He wants these interactions to happen and they feel uncomfortable and they take acts of faith to open our mouths but I felt him you know, like I felt like his friend like I was on his mission. I was on an errand for him. And this is how we change the world by reaching out in love and authenticity and Stepping past our fear excites me. And I'm still not great at it. And I still do really poorly most of the time. But it's really exciting to live that way, where you're open to the adventure of life as a disciple of Christ. Yeah.

Kathryn Davis 30:14

Well, you know, that old saying that says you become like the five people you spend the most time with? Yes. And if one of those five people is Jesus Christ, then we can become like him. And just that story that you shared our interactions with others, are they going to feel more of the love of Jesus Christ? Because we are hopefully becoming like him?

Unknown Speaker 30:43

Yes. I have thought of that same thing of the five people and like, how much time do I spend with the other five people? Am I spending that much time again in service in prayer and conversation and study? Do I really spend that much time with Him do most of us it takes more of a concerted effort, because he's not right here living in our home, you know, but I believe that I think we will start to reflect His love. I had another experience. And it was a silly one. It was a really, actually, most of them are just really small ones. But I was getting on an airplane, it was the end of the week. And I really wanted to have some service where I felt like he saw like, I knew it was something where I was serving Him. And it was like the end of the week, and I hadn't really had an opportunity or found or taken an opportunity. And I staying home with my husband. And I was behind this girl, and to get stuck. And she's trying to put her bag into the cabin. And it's clearly too big. And so she starts trying to shove it and then I start helping her. And finally we get it and close the thing. And the stewardess comes over, and she's like, oh, sorry, you actually can't be in that compartment. And those who take the we have to yank it back out. And then she's keeps walking down the aisle. And she's quite a ways back. And so am I. So she doesn't realize I'm still behind her. So when she goes to put it back up in the cabin, in the compartment, I'm right there again. And I'm like, Oh, I can help you. And I, we put it up and get it up and close the compartment. And she turns to me, she goes, you're just my savior today. And just, she, she had just chosen those words. It was a silly thing. Everybody helps people. If you're tall enough, you know, you're gonna help you know that. That wasn't some grand act of service. But her choosing those words was like Jesus saying back to me, like, I know what you're doing. I know what you're trying to do. I see it. And I just I reached back. And I was like, that's, it's so ironic, like, I'm actually praying to be more like him right now. And I've been praying for opportunities to find someone to serve and so that you use those words is just pretty amazing. And she was just stunned. And I was done with kind of like, held each other's arm and like the spirit interacted. But I think that there's something that act of service wasn't as unexpected, but you know, going to talk about coupler, if I would have dared to hug that, boy, when you dare to do the thing that feels uncomfortable. I think often, it is so out of the blue that people can attribute it to you, when you feel prompted to send an exact amount of money. You've heard those stories, like I was short, exactly $100 on my bills, or these things happen, that you can't explain them away. Like, why was it that $100? Or why did she make that comment because only God could have known what they needed. And I think those are the times when then you can say Jesus knows you. There's no other way I would have done this thing that was unexpected or kind of weird. If it hadn't been God knew your situation and knows your heart and knows your need. And I just feel so lucky and you take your pet self out of the picture. Like I just feel so lucky that I didn't blow that one. And that I didn't say I didn't dare do it, you know, because God obviously cared about you enough today to send someone else and again, like the higher holier wave, I don't think there's a cooler way to live than being on his errand and being his hand so that people have a real witness of like, God is active and alive in his life.

Unknown Speaker 33:59

And I love that thought of a friendship with Jesus Christ. You

Kathryn Davis 34:02

mentioned a couple of things that you've been working on in order for it to truly be a friendship and not just like a one way relationship spending time and how much time do we literally spend with him every day? And I think that can come in various forms for everybody and service those those two areas are those the main two things that you are focusing on? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 34:27

spending time and then learning about him again with that the Topical Guide study like this family learning about his descent learning about his ancestry like was really good friends. The longer you know him, you're like, I remember you've already told me that story about when you were two. And I remember Oh, yeah, your grandma this and I think that study of the Topical Guide you're you're becoming familiar with who he was. Actually there was one other thing that has been really impactful back in 2020. Very similar prompting with a talk with President Nelson where he talked about memorizing the living Christ. And right when I heard him say that, he said, Some people aren't familiar and have barely read it, and some people have it memorized. And I have this little thought, like, you should memorize it. I was like, whoa, whoa, you know, you know how my brain works? Like, I've memorized a lot of scriptures. And they don't stick with me at all. That's a big effort to memorize the living Christ, if it's not even going to stick with me. Really? Right You want me to do and then I just have this thought like, well, if I could put it to music, I think I'd memorize it. Like if somehow it were put to music. And so I reached out to my Mom, do you know anyone who would put the living Christ to music and she's actually have this friend I went to high school with Sean Edwards. She's amazing. She She just writes these really memorable melodies? And I'm like, Yeah, of course. I know who Sean Edwards is. And she's like, oh, yeah, I'll connect you to who knows, maybe she'd be interested. Literally, a couple of days later, I get an email from Sean Edwards. And I'm like, Whoa, you should just reaches out about some stuff I'm doing. And I have right back. That's so neat. My mom connected us so fast. And like, Oh, your mom didn't actually connect us. I was reaching out about this other thing. And like, again, like that synchronicity where you're like, Okay, God, your hand is all over this. And so I kind of pitched this idea to her about the living Christ. And she says, ironically enough, I've been memorizing it, and working on it as well. And the timing is just really interesting. And I don't even know if I can do it. But let's do it. Let's try, I'll write it. And so she tackles this project. And it's on the living Christ project, there's a website, you can download all of the sheet music, you can see, listen to it. I mean, it's like, there's flipbooks, all these artists came together. So it's really beautiful project. And so I'm never able to do Christ, and I can still see all eight sections, and my kids can see it. And really, yeah, you should usually go look it up. It's just enter their beautiful melodies, where you actually remember them, which is tricky with a legal document, how she pulled it off is kind of a miracle.

Kathryn Davis 36:56

So if you felt inspired to do that, can I ask you what changed for you, as you learn the living Christ, what changed in your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Unknown Speaker 37:08

I think I think all of it has been that journey, right? Like that was 2020. This last year, I have felt like you do a deeper study and invite people to do it with you. And I think it's him like I can't he calls and gives ideas and maybe it's wake up a little earlier and study, or do more service or, you know, whatever the whatever the call is, and all of us are unique and have things that are easier for us and harder for us. And it's that feeling of like him knowing me and Tim caring about me and a greater desire to be like him, that was probably one of the things that led to this, you know, just feeling like, again, he's real. He's a real person who cares about us and not in some cosmic God, way, but in a right there in the trenches with you kind of a way. And I think all of these things are changing my perspective of who I am, and my identity of my work of what really matters, the impact I hope to make on the world. It's funny, I had had this, this goes back to the Topical Guide study, but I have this personal mission statement I Lizzie light and love that is what I want to be to the world. And as I was studying one of the topics under only begotten Son, there was this repeated language when it says only begotten Son, it says Jesus Christ of grace and truth. Now these two words keep getting paired together, what is grace and truth? And what does that mean? And I looked it up, and grace is his love. And truth is light or knowledge and understanding. And that is who I want to be I want to spread love, which is sometimes the only way people even know Jesus Christ is when they have that service, or they'll see him show up in his life in different ways. And then light is sharing his truth, and not being ashamed of the gospel of Christ in a really real way on my Instagram and in a friend's life and not being afraid to talk about Jesus Christ as an answer for things or talking about my faith or religion as an answer to real problems, like loneliness and anxiety and identity and, and it was just, it was really sweet learning that about his titles. Key is grace and truth and then thinking like, that's my mission, like love and light. That's what I want to give to the world. And so everything I'm learning about him like it, it shapes me one thing, it's even shaped my perspective of who I am as a mother and motherhood. A couple of weeks ago, my kids got sick, and I couldn't go to work. I work at their school, and we usually go together. So I was home, especially with my little three year olds for a couple of days. And I couldn't study like I was just kind of on call and then I got really sick and after two days of helping my kids and and being sick, there was just there's nothing I could do. And that Sunday, I got on Instagram and shared the Savior Saturday, Sunday studies and I said, you know, I just I felt so guilty, because I couldn't serve and I couldn't study that I felt like I couldn't even really approach him that week, because I hadn't done the things I had committed to do the irony, and it is like, if you're not serving when you have sick kids as a mom, and when you're sick, and if that's right alongside you, it kind of brought up this thing. Like, there's still some checklist in me a thinking, I can't come to Jesus until I've done these things. But realizing there is so much service that I do as a mother, that's amazing. That's like, the most selfless stuff like what moms do is so selfless. But if I can flip the script a little, and actually consecrate that and say, Jesus, thank you for letting me be your hands, as I minister to this child who needs his nose blown, and who has a headache, and I just hold, and instead of thinking, which is it sounds insane, even saying it out loud, thinking somehow that's keeping me from the greater service and love and, and steady to say, you're teaching me how to love and you're teaching me how to give. And if in those moments, I would have connected with Jesus Christ, and thought about him, that would have been some of the most sacred service I've done. And now, you know, it's again, it's, it's a journey, and it's a path and I'm learning these things. And I'm sure there's a lot of other things that are just like, so silly that I even think, but it's fun. That's why it's a journey and why it's amazing, because it's like, Oh, I get a I get to be on it. And it's okay. I mean, those things get pointed out, and you've realized,

Kathryn Davis 41:26

and then you, you know, realize and understand a little bit more, but I also think maybe through studying his titles and roles and knowing who he is, and realizing I think sometimes we take that upon ourselves that, oh, I don't know if I can approach him I didn't do this well, or I didn't do that well, and, and understanding truly who Jesus is, he would never want us to feel that way. So like, never would he want to be unapproachable. Right? Yep. Lizzie, just what talking with you, I just love this hunger that you have to get to know Jesus Christ. And so in your quest over the last two years, as you've come to know him, what would you say is one of the biggest changes in your heart and in your home and in your life?

Unknown Speaker 42:19

It's a really beautiful question. Um, and it makes me teary. I think just a level of humility, like, it is really humbling that he sacrifice like he sacrificed for us. And we say it so often that sometimes it loses the meaning of what really happened. And he sacrificed for us because He loves us. You personally, me personally, each one of my kids, my husband, my friends, my enemies, and then the humility that he's okay with me being on his team and working with him. Even though I'm not perfect like he is. And even though I'm not going to do it perfectly, and he's gonna have to take the ashes that I leave behind every day, and make beauty for them again, and again. And again. It's just, it's really humbling. And it makes me just want to sing all the Christmas songs just to come and adore him and say, Wow, I am so grateful that you let me do this with you. You're okay with me the way I am being a part of this work with you. It's just, it's really beautiful. And then knowing the real gift of repentance, I still mess up with my kids, I still yell, I still do things that I just feel like, gosh, I can't believe I'm still here, and probably will be for a long time. And you're okay to let me repent day in day out. There's not a three strikes, you're out policy, there's not a, you've just crossed the line this time how you must be so embarrassed, you know? Never, never. It's just really humbling and really beautiful. And it makes me just have more and more desire to be better and, and to invite like, I just was just felt really honored to be invited on this podcast because I want other people to feel the same thing and not like, feel this goodness, but like, feel that they're enough and feel that they're okay. And not just for them, but enough to do this work to like a community of people who feel like we're all in this together and we're all okay that we're not okay. And we're not enough, right. And we're doing this. That's a powerful group, and a really fun group. And I've over the last two years met some of the dearest friends who I just feel so grateful that God has brought me to these people because we're kind of doing it together. I don't think there's a better life than this beautiful

Kathryn Davis 44:47

and to share his light and love and lift. Hopefully we all feel a need and can hear him calling to pick up his mission to be his hands. tend to share that light and love. And as we do so, miracles will happen. Because it's his work. It's not ours, it's his. Lizzy. One of our goals here at magnify is to leave the conversation with a small and simple suggestion that we can implement throughout the week. So I want to ask you, what would be your small and simple suggestion for us that we can do this week to gain a friendship and a personal relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ?

Unknown Speaker 45:31

I'm gonna get to if that's okay. Yes, I think for the listener, I feel like I've been in two places at different times. If you feel like you're in a place where you haven't heard him calling, maybe ever, or maybe in a while, I want to invite you this week, to kneel down and and ask to feel that and ask to know that you matter to him and that he is calling to you, I promise that if you're in that situation, he's already calling, he's already knocking at the door and waiting. And there's some reason you're not hearing it. It could be because you don't feel like you're enough. It could be 1000 Different reasons, because there's been 1000 different times in my life where I haven't heard him as clearly as I would want to. And so go open that door and see what happens. See, if a little synchronicity see someone that shows up or some thought that shows up because he's real, and he's there and he loves you as much as he loves anyone. And so that's that's the first invitation the second if you're if you are feeling that, and if you're in the camp that I've been into often where you're studying, studying, trying to do doo doo. I think service for me has been huge because they Heavenly Father help and I love that you just said being his hands. That is the prayer that I have every day now. Say a prayer to say how can I be your hands today? And help me to have the courage to do it and not set it aside? The cool thing about when you're God's hands is you get to see his hands too. And it will surprise you as much as it surprises the person you're serving but that those very words come out of someone's mouth man you were you were my savior today or I had someone text me thank you for being his hands and they didn't know I pray for that every day. So act on one of those things and and you'll see he's already your friend. He's already right there. He's already right beside you. But those are some of the ways that I think you'll be able to see and feel and hear him more and see him as your friend because he's out here rodeos.

Kathryn Davis 47:31

I just love the fact that he is our friend. We don't have to do anything for him to be our friend and we can be his. It was so fun to have you here Lizzie. If you want more from Lizzie follow her on Instagram at Lizzy dot Jensen, where you can join her in her weekly hashtag save your Sunday studies. And don't forget to join us over on Instagram at magnify community. And of course, subscribe and listen to the Magnify podcast wherever you get your shows. Thanks for being here, and let's meet up again next week.

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