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Changing the World Through Respect with Emily Snyder

Tue Jul 25 05:00:25 EDT 2023

The dictionary definition of respect is, “to consider someone worthy of high regard or esteem.” The scriptures tell us that God is no respecter of persons, so how do we look at all of his children as worthy, even with those who we may differ from? In his talk, Peacemakers Needed, President Nelson said, “we can literally change the world—one person and one interaction at a time, by modeling how to manage honest differences of opinion with mutual respect and dignified dialogue.”

Human kindness has to be part of our comfort zones.
Emily Snyder

When we treat each other with respect despite our many differences it creates a ripple effect of peace. Emily Snyder joins the podcast again to discuss how the Lord respects us, and how we can respect others with that same human-kindness.

Top Takeaways from this episode

  1. Respect is always earned, and never assumed. Treat people with the same respect you want to be treated with.
  2. Success in this life is measured by the interactions we have with others, and not how much we have accomplished.
  3. Self-respect comes from understanding our relationship with God and knowing that success is when we love him and ourselves.
  4. We all want similar things, but we often come at those things from different angles. When we recognize we have Christ with us, we can easily navigate those differences.
  5. God being no respecter of persons means that He sees us as our very favorite version of ourself.

Small & Simple Challenge
Throughout the week, as you are interacting with others, use the phrase “oh, they’re human too” either verbally or in your head as you are dealing with others that you might need to find more respect for.


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