Deeper Learning: The Sacred Privilege of the Temple Garment with Melinda Brown

Tue May 28 05:00:22 EDT 2024
Episode 83

We’ve all noticed an increasing emphasis on covenants and temples! In April general conference the word “covenants” was used 194 times! There were 15 new temples announced, bringing the worldwide count to 350. And the First Presidency updated the temple recommend interview questions and issued a new statement on wearing the temple garment. It feels momentous!

But there hasn’t always been a lot of dialogue around this subject. In this episode, Michelle Torsak, Director of Content for Deseret Book, and podcast producer Sarah Collins have asked Melinda Brown, author and teacher, to join with her expertise. Mindy believes that when we understand the significance and purpose of covenants and the temple garment—the WHY—it makes honoring them a joy. And it gives us language to talk about it with others—especially our children. This conversation promises to expand your view of the temple! It’s a good one!  

Mindy’s recommended resources:
Let's Talk About: Temples and Ritual by Jennifer C. Lane
The Temple Experience: Passage to Healing and Holiness by Wendy Ulrich