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Did I See Jesus Today? with Hilary Craner

Tue Jan 30 05:00:53 EST 2024

Sometimes we’re all guilty of overthinking it and making our own lives too hard. Maybe we even do it with our relationship with Jesus. In general conference, Elder Renlund shared words that helped to dial in our focus from his talk, “Jesus Christ is the Treasure.” This episode discusses seeing Jesus for who He is.

Hilary Craner joins Kathryn Davis as they discuss the question, “did you see Jesus today?” and how a story about bubbles helped Hilary reconsider her priorities. Hilary is a graphic designer who loves to sprinkle happiness into her designs. She loves to poke fun at herself over on her Instagram page with her obsession with 80/90’s nostalgia. Hilary says she’s all about the simple joys in life, which makes her a perfect fit to talk about simple ways to strengthen our focus on Jesus.

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