God Loves Us More Than We Will Ever Know with Reyna Aburto

Tue Oct 31 05:00:49 EDT 2023

Who is someone who knows you best? Our closest friends, a spouse, or a parent come to mind. Elder Phillips said in his October 2023 General Conference address "God Knows and Loves You" that we are not “cosmic orphans” so what does that mean and how do we lean into the confidence that God knows and loves us as a perfect parent?

One of my mistakes coming into that week was thinking I could do things by myself, but this simple reassurance that He loves me was what I needed to hear.
Reyna Aburto

Kathryn is joined this week by Reyna Aburto as she shares three spiritual reminders that she found from studying out Elder Alan T. Phillips's address, "God Knows and Loves You."

Reyna's Three Spiritual Reminders

  • God loves me more than I will ever know
    • Sometimes we are looking for messages about how we can do more, and be more in order to know what direction God wants us to go in this life. But Reyna felt the power of the words, "I love you more than you will ever know," and it reminded her that when we focus on this principle, our priorities will work themselves out.
  • Christ is the refuge from my storms
    • In our lives, we will experience hardships and trials, but with our Savior, we don't have to look far to know how to weather them. The covenants that we make with Him will strengthen us and become a refuge.
  • His work is my work
    • If we believe that God loves us more than we can even understand, then it is our job to help others around us find that message and feel His love. Reyna shared that this message helped her to slow down in her daily routine and make connections with others around her.

Small & Simple Challenge

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your daily routine, turn to Heavenly Father for help, to Jesus for strength, and the Holy Ghost for guidance. And turn to others to help them and be helped by them!

General Conference Addresses, Journal Edition, October 2023

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