It’s Always Worth the Effort: A Magnify Favorite

Mon Jun 24 04:00:35 EDT 2024
Episode 87
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This month on Magnify, our team has put our heads together to share different episodes from our past nearly 100 episodes to bring you some of our favorite moments. This week, we are featuring some thoughts from Kalo Latu’s episode, “No Entry Level Requirements.” Kalo stated that we often get in our own way of creating a relationship with the Savior because we think there is an entry level to starting that relationship. But this reminder that we can all do it, no matter where we are on the path, was a great one to reflect on.

Paige Sommer, the Magnify Community content specialist, shares how miracles are all around us, that we can find joy in the tough moments, and includes some of Kalo’s wisdom from her first episode.

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