Let’s Prepare for Peace with Brooke Walker

Tue Aug 22 05:00:00 EDT 2023

What are you preparing for right now? A trip? Dinner? Getting your crew ready to go back to school? Well, in this episode, we’re talking about how to prepare for something a whole lot more fun. We’re talking about how you can prepare spiritually and physically to receive more peace.

One of our Heavenly Father’s shining characteristics is that He is a peacemaker.
Brooke Walker

Discussing three ways to prepare for peace is today’s guest Brooke Walker.  Brooke is the host of Family Rules on BYUtv and if you live in Utah, you know her as the host of Studio 5.

Top Takeaways from this episode

Brooke shares how there are physical and spiritual ways to prepare yourself for peace. Her three ways are

  1. Read the book
    Physical action: We have to do the work! No shortcuts, no hacks. Lean in. Embrace the effort. Celebrate the effort!
    Spiritual action: Literal meaning of the phrase here, we need to be in the scriptures.
  2. Carve out white space
    Physical action: When our physical surroundings reflect the lives we want to live, we are able to be more in touch with our internal feelings. Clear out a space—even if it’s just a chair in your home—that feels like a place where you can connect with the Spirit.
    Spiritual action: See out the quiet and solace of the temple, a literal white space for you to attend. If your life is too busy for that to be a regular event, take the time to be quiet and still.
  3. Anticipate it
    Physical action: Look for it all around you and pay attention to what you want to be more of a focus in your life. You will see more of it when you look for it.
    Spiritual action: Trust that God will fill you with peace. He is a God of peace and it is one of his greatest strengths.

Small & Simple Challenge

Take the time to implement these three principles into your life this week. Read even just a little of the Book of Mormon each day to “read the book.” Perhaps make your bed every morning as a practice of “carving out white space.” Look for Heavenly Father’s signs that he is sending you peace and know that it is coming.


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