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The Choice to Be Humble with Andrea Cabrera

Tue Apr 02 05:00:15 EDT 2024
Episode 75

If we’re honest, it’s all too easy to forget to rely on God and His good grace. But this is exactly what we need to do if we are humble followers of Jesus Christ. In a his October 2023 General Conference address, Elder Joni L. Koch said humility is a “vital catalyst for spiritual growth” and a “mandatory requirement for us to be ready to return to the presence of God.” Today we’re exploring what humility looks like for women who strive to come unto Christ.

Joining Kathryn in this episode is Andrea Cabrera. Andrea works in marketing and has a background in broadcast journalism. She has her own podcast, and the Magnify team asked her to go out and bring back three examples of humility from her circles. This episode features the voices of three of those women.

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