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The Shape of God’s Embrace with Eme Martin

Tue Nov 07 10:05:14 EST 2023

Have you ever felt like you have to earn God’s love? Or maybe like you’re not sure if he really knows you? We've all been there, and it can often keep us from feeling the love God is always offering us. So how do we learn to really recognize the Savior and receive His love?

His promises are throughout the love note of His word.
Eme Martin

In today’s episode, Magnify contributor Eme Martin joins Kathryn as they discuss the spiritually saving reminders from Elder Robert Daines’ general conference address, “Sir, We Would Like to See Jesus,” and Kathryn gives us some behind-the-scene details about her brother's process for writing this talk.

Eme's Three Spiritual Reminders

  • Learn of Him
    • The gospel is not an exclusive thing where only some people deserve the love, forgiveness, and mercy that Jesus offers, but it sometimes feels like we are isolated in that way. Eme shares that when we learn who Jesus Christ really is, we will feel the love that he has for us.
  • Lean into His love
    • Elder Daines said, "covenants are the shape of God's embrace," and that is the love that Eme describes she feels she needs to lean into. Sometimes we have to find others who embody that love and lean on them to help us grow closer to the Savior.
  • Love like He loved
    • The Lord personifies love. His every invitation is to love God and love people, and when we serve and "stand in the river of God's love" like Elder Daines described, we will find that we are filled with more and more of His love.