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Trailblazing and Trail Beating with Melinda Brown

Tue Nov 14 05:00:03 EST 2023

Do you ever switch between feeling like you’re either not doing enough or that you’re doing too much when it comes to the gospel? Both burnout and boredom can come with their own challenges, so what can we do to find the balance and feel assured in whatever step of the journey we are in?

Let go of resentment and replace it with gratitude.
Melinda Brown

Joining the podcast in this episode is Magnify contributor, Mindy Brown. Mindy is squeezing in today's conversation between her divinity school studies. Kathryn and Mindy discuss spiritual reminders from Elder Bednar’s message from General Conference "In the Path of their Duty."

Mindy's three spiritual reminders

  • Whether you are struggling with overwhelm or underwhelm, the message is the same: More Jesus!
    • There is a fine line between being too busy or too bored, and it can be difficult to balance. Mindy shares how both situations require a lot of patience, and turning to the Lord to help pay more attention to what others might be going through around you.
  • Don't compare, consecrate
    • Everyone is comparing themselves to others all the time. But when we serve and remind ourselves why we serve, we can remember that the hierarchies don't exist except on paper. Go overboard on the gratitude, and you'll feel that resentment being replaced!
  • Everyone has something valuable to add based on their place in line
    • Elder Bednar shares a story of how the different pioneers crossing the plains would have had different experiences based on where they were in line. Those in the front would not have dealt with the dust and the fatigue that might have been experienced in the back. But each place in line can teach us something that can only be learned through that position, so humble yourself and ask what you can learn from others who are in different places in line.

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