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Waiting for Promised Blessings with Morgan Jones Pearson

Tue Nov 15 05:00:31 EST 2022

We all have moments when we feel stuck. When we feel like we are not getting the answers, blessings, and direction we desire from heaven. In these moments or even seasons of longing, relying on the Lord for peace and patience while drawing strength from our covenants can help us through. Waiting on the Lord is always worth His promised blessings, so how do we find strength through seasons of waiting? Morgan Jones Pearson took to Instagram with this idea. She shares, “I know what [waiting for God] feels like. I’m a believer that we’re all waiting for something but I’m also a believer that God’s promises are always fulfilled and always worth the wait.” Today's podcast discusses how we can all be strengthened in those waiting periods by relying on the covenants and promises we've made, and look for the blessings immediately surrounding us.

Waiting is not a result of anything you've done wrong
Morgan Jones Pearson

About Morgan Pearson Jones

Morgan Pearson is the host of the All In podcast, an interview-style podcast that has been downloaded over 13 million times. She previously wrote for the Deseret News where she published more than 480 stories. Her new book, All In: Exploring What It Means to Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ, shares what she has learned from interviewing over 130 people about their faith in Jesus Christ. Morgan is happiest when wearing sweatpants and will never get enough dark chocolate. She and her husband, Benjamin, currently reside in California's Bay Area.

Blessings: A Law of Increasing Returns by Henry B. Eyring

Top takeaways from this episode!

  1. Our covenants and promises we make to God will strengthen us, especially in times of waiting for answers to our prayers.
  2. Everyone is waiting on some promised blessing from the Lord, and in our waiting, we can learn how to draw closer to heaven.
  3. A waiting period can become a sacred, sweet, and tender moment when the Lord is brought into that season.
  4. There is no timeline or restraint for us to receive blessings. God will always follow through with his promises.
  5. While we are waiting for promised blessings, we should focus on actively exercising our faith to get through the difficult times.

Something to think about:

It can be easy to get down on yourself and think that you have done something wrong if you're not seeing an answer to your prayers. God never wants you to feel like you are doing something wrong, and if you've felt like an outsider to God's blessings, you are not alone. Take the time to look around at the "early harvests" or blessings that are more immediate around you.

Small and simple challenge:

Turn to the scriptures with a sincere question in your heart and pray for divine inspiration. It's important to really get into the scriptures when you're in your waiting period.