Marcos Orozcos

Marcos Orozcos is Chicano, an American of Mexican descent, and was born in Santa Monica, California, and raised in west Los Angeles near the ocean. Marcos is an “ex-gang-banger” and lived what he would describe as a very difficult life that included death, abuse, and poverty. Growing up, Marcos believed in prayer and always prayed for others but never for himself. Born and raised Catholic, Marcos never had any intentions of every leaving his faith, but God had other plans that steered his life in a completely different direction.

Marcos eventually moved to Utah where he met his wife. After dating for four years, they married in 2001 and have welcomed five beautiful children into their home. After watching his wife and children attend church each week, he eventually joined them and surprisingly found himself listening to a set of senior missionaries who taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. Marcos joined the Church and a year later was sealed to his wife and children.

Though his hobbies include restoring old cars and gardening, he loves nothing more than being with his family. In 2017, Marcos won Foster Father of the Year for the Salt Lake Tooele region. He says the best thing about his life today is being a member of the Church, having the family unit that he so desperately wanted as a child, and his calling in the Church.