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6 meaningful ways to celebrate Memorial Day from FamilySearch


Toward the end of May, Americans observe Memorial Day. Pancake breakfasts, BBQs, pool parties, and picnics are commonly held to celebrate the holiday and kick off the summer months, and many people also visit cemeteries or places that remind them of their loved ones. But what is Memorial Day, what is the history behind it, and why do we celebrate it?

In short, Memorial Day is a US national holiday that honors military members who died in service of their country. The holiday provides us a chance to remember the countless individuals who lost their lives and gives us an opportunity to come together with the families and communities they left behind to protect.

The FamilySearch blog explains more of the history behind Memorial Day and offers a few suggestions to make the holiday more meaningful for you and for your family. Here are some of the ideas they recommend:

Get other ideas and learn more about the origins of Memorial Day on FamilySearch.

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