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Mitt Romney "Should Run for Senate," Former Vice President Joe Biden Says


In the hopes of building bipartisanship and communication, Mitt Romney and Joe Biden came together at this year's Romney Summit.

Mitt Romney was encouraged by former Vice President Joe Biden to run for the Senate at Romney's annual retreat that brings together political and business leaders.

"By the way, you should run for Senate," Biden told Romney on Friday evening during their wide-ranging discussion at the E2 Summit on issues including the former vice president's "moonshot" effort to find a cancer cure.

The audience for their exchange, which was closed to the news media, applauded Biden's suggestion, but Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said Romney "just smiled" and offered no response.

Romney and Biden squared off in the 2012 presidential race, when Romney topped the GOP presidential ticket and Biden ran as President Barack Obama's vice president.

Lead images from Deseret News
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