Move Over Pioneer47, There's a New Church Wifi Network and Password


Church facilities have a new network and password for internet use. 

Previously, the Church’s network name was “LDSAccess.” It has now been updated to “Liahona.”

According to an email sent to church leadership, the network's password is "alma3738" and is effective immediately.  The scripture Alma 37:38 is the only reference in the Book of Mormon to the name of the “Liahona,” which is a compass used by Lehi and his family to guide them to the promised land.

In order to use the network “Liahona,” users will need to accept Terms of Use. While the password will only need to be entered once, the Terms of Use will need to be accepted once each day. This will remind users of the network's purpose, which is to “enhance gospel learning and instruction, support Church administrative functions, and further the purposes of the Church.”

The LDSAccess network will be provided through April 15, 2020, although members and guests are encouraged to use the Liahona network immediately. After that point, the Liahona network will be the only network available in Church facilities.

More information about accessing the Liahona network is available for stake technology specialists at

Lead image: Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
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