New John Bytheway Christmas book featured as December LDS Living Book Club pick


When we think about Christmas, the joy of giving may not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. But if you're trying to do more to center your holiday celebration on the Savior, we have a great resource for you.

Bestselling Latter-day Saint author and speaker John Bytheway dives into the various ways we can find the joy of giving in his brand new Christmas book, Born This Happy Morning! For our LDS Living Book Club in December, we will be reading this great new Christmas book and hearing exclusive insights from the author himself.

Topics discussed include the joy of giving spontaneously, giving anonymously, giving to a friend in need, giving to family, returning to the magic of childhood Christmases, receiving God's gifts, and the joy of forgiving. It's an easy read and a great way to remind ourselves of the power and beauty that comes from giving to others, as well as the gifts we each receive from God.

What This Month Holds

  • eBook giveaway on Tuesday, December 1
  • An easy-to-follow weekly reading schedule—just 2 chapters a week!
  • Weekly videos with insights and answers to your questions from the author, John Bytheway!
  • An exclusive Book Club Q&A with John Bytheway at the end of December to wrap up the book

About LDS Living Book Club

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About the Book

The second verse of "Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful" begins, "Yea, Lord, we greet thee, born this happy morning." In this inspiring Christmas book, John Bytheway explores the miracle of that happy morning and what Christmas should mean to us. Although Christmas can feel over-commercialized and stressful, Born This Happy Morning helps readers recapture the magic of childhood Christmases by focusing on how we can give the joy of Christ's light to those around us, reminding us that the spirit of Christmas is multiplied in our hearts when we share the spirit of Christ with others. Born This Happy Morning is available now at Deseret Book stores, and on the Deseret Bookshelf mobile app!

About the Author

John Bytheway served a mission to the Philippines and later graduated from Brigham Young University. He has a master's degree in religious education and is a part-time instructor at the BYU Salt Lake Center. John is the author of many bestselling books, audio talks, and DVDs, including Golden Answers: Why We Need The Book of Mormon, How Do I Know If I Know?, and Moroni's Guide to Surviving Turbulent Times. He and his wife, Kimberly, have six children.

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