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New Online App Makes Journal Keeping a Breeze

24046.jpg launches online journaling app after aquisition of LDSJournal

Las Vegas, Nev. – JRNL Inc., which acquired LDSJournal a year ago, has a new private journaling application designed for both Web and Mobile use. The website, which received funding by VC group Varkain Capital earlier this year, launched in beta to the public, Monday, September 28, 2015. The Web App can be found at The iOS mobile app is still in its testing phase and will be available to the public by the end of the year.  

“We are very excited to get this product on the market,” Nick Jones, Founder and President of JRNL, said. “We have a new, dedicated development team as well as a dedicated customer service team to take this project from where LDSJournal was to where we wanted it to be. We are pleased with the direction we are taking and the feedback we have received from our beta testers so far has been very positive. We are confident users will love it and promise to continue innovating.”

JRNL has a variety of features they are offering with this initial launch. These features include, but aren’t limited to:

  • - All About Me – A variety of categorized questions to help users flesh out their autobiography.
  • - Multiple Journals – Users can create multiple journals to organize entries as they choose.
  • - Email to JRNL – All accounts will be able to email entries into their JRNL account.
  • - BookBuilder - The same, high quality books that were sold in LDSJournal will be available in JRNL.
  • - Inline photos - Photos live inline with an entry’s text, making publishing more personal and elegant.

Users who had an LDSJournal account can have their data transferred to the new system. Visit for more information.


JRNL is a private journaling application designed for both web and mobile use. For more information on JRNL, visit


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