New Online LDS Event: 'Discover the Book'


Thanks to the combined efforts of several online missionaries, a new social media event on Facebook is taking the online LDS community by storm. Joining is simple: starting tomorrow, June 10th, share a photo of yourself behind the Book of Mormon along with the hashtag #discoverthebook and a simple explanation of how you discovered the Book of Mormon. 

You might even recognize some of the 12,000 members who've already joined the 'Called to Share' movement: 


Alex Boye's submission to #discoverthebook.

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Event organizer Sister Katie Ashcraft explains: "The end goal is to share the Book of Mormon, not just with the masses, but specific people. Our purpose is to create teaching opportunities online for missionaries through you!"

She details further information about the online group and event: 

Across the next four weeks, 3 other events will follow 'Discover the Book.' They're designed to help members boldly and simply share their testimonies of the Book of Mormon through this series of short picture posts. Each week, all you have to do is post a sentence and a photo with a particular hashtag.

Event #1 - #DiscovertheBook (June 10) Tell how you first discovered the Book of Mormon.

Event #2 - #SearchtheBook (June 17) Share a powerful experience you've had reading the Book of Mormon

Event #3 - #LivetheBook (June 24) Explain how the Book of Mormon influences the way you live.

Event #4 - #SharetheBook (July 1) Invite your friends to learn more about the Book of Mormon and specifically invite someone to be taught about the Book of Mormon by missionaries online or in person!

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