New Video Presents Evidence for the Historicity of the Book of Abraham


Book of Mormon Central, a group of individuals whose mission it is to increase understanding, accessibility, and engagement with the Book of Mormon, has released a new video regarding historical evidences of the Book of Abraham.

Latter-day Saints consider the Book of Abraham to be inspired and ancient scripture that is included in our scriptural canon. However, there are a couple of aspects about the Book of Abraham that are often brought into question, including the validity of the papyri, Joseph Smith's facsimiles and the explanations included with them, and the historical evidence and accuracy within the text itself. 

This video brings together just a few samples of evidence reinforcing the Book of Abraham’s historicity in a compelling and visually-striking manner, shedding a very favorable light on Joseph Smith’s claims to prophetic inspiration in addition to bolstering confidence in the authenticity of the book which presents itself as “the writings of Abraham, while he was in Egypt.” 

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Video Companion
Evidences of the Book of Abraham: Historicity

Additional information can be found in the Gospel Topics Essay regarding the Book of Abraham or at

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