Poll: How Did You Watch Priesthood Session?



At this year's conference gathering something new happened that hasn't ever before in the 183 year history of LDS conference: Priesthood session was broadcast, on TV, radio, and internet, live. The annoucement was met with open arms by Latter-day Saints everywhere, and there are a lot of great benefits to having the session broadcast more openly available, as some of our Facebook fans were quick to point out in their comments: 

"This will make it easier for my husband--who has a lot of illness and resulting physical disabilities to deal with--to watch in real time. He's so happy about this, as am I."
—Heidi Lott Page

"Now my husband will be able to see it even when he is at work!" 
—Nola Hansen Bergquist 

"I'm so happy for this and so hoping some of the less active men (including some in my own family) who might not feel like dressing up and attending the broadcast alone at a meeting house might watch this and feel the Spirit! What a blessing!"
—Melanie Hawkins

Others mentioned saving in travel time in those places where the nearest chapel is far away and the missionary opportunities this could bring about. It's an exciting time to be a Latter-day Saint! 

So that go us wondering: how many people took advantage of the new broadcast options this weekend and watched the Priesthood session on TV or online? Take the poll below, and then let us know in the comments how watching Priesthood session has blessed your life. 

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