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The one gift President Nelson wants leading up to his 100th birthday

Image from Facebook

In less than 100 days—on September 9, 2024—President Russell M. Nelson will celebrate his 100th birthday.

And in a new invitation on social media, he humbly reminded Church members that at his age, he does not need physical gifts. But another gift has been on his mind lately.

“One spiritual offering that would brighten my life is for each of us to reach out to ‘the one’ in our lives who may be feeling lost or alone.

“Over the coming months I invite you to consider prayerfully: who do you know who may be discouraged? Who might you need to reconcile with or ask for forgiveness? Has one name been on your mind lately, though you haven’t quite known why? As you bring these questions to the Lord, He will inspire you to know how you can reach out and lift one who needs help.”

He also references the New Testament parable of the lost sheep found in Matthew and Luke—caring for others in need like a loving shepherd would for his sheep, even for just one lost from a flock of 100. And in following the Savior’s example in caring for the one, President Nelson wrote, we can “spread the love of Jesus Christ throughout the world.”

Here at LDS Living, we are taking President Nelson’s invitation and challenge to heart by prayerfully looking around our own circles and thinking about “the one” we can forgive, comfort, fellowship, or lift. We hope you will be motivated to do the same.

You can read his full Facebook post below.

Heart of the Matter: What 100 Years of Living Have Taught Me

It is a rare opportunity to learn from the wisdom of one who has witnessed a century of life, including all of its joys, sorrows, changes, and unchanging truths. It is even rarer to have such a witness from a prophet of God. Having been first called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in 1984, President Russell M. Nelson has viewed much of the world’s modern history through the lens of a special witness of Christ. Living through technological innovation from radio to rocket ships, wars and resolutions, cultural shifts and progress, President Nelson has seen the workings of the Almighty in all aspects of life. In Heart of the Matter, he reflects back on his one hundred years of living and the lessons he’s learned over the past century, including the core truths he has come to know matter most for this life and the next.

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