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President Eyring Shares 3 Reasons Missionaries Will Ultimately Succeed


“My purpose today is to assure you that opposition, which you will surely face, is another evidence that you are on the Lord’s errand and in His hands,” said President Henry B. Eyring speaking to the new mission presidents called to begin their service July 2017.

“You will have trials to face — at times very difficult trials. . . .

“I can testify that you will succeed against any opposition in fulfilling the great trust you have accepted with such faith and enthusiasm.”

President Eyring shared three reasons that mission leaders and missionaries will succeed.

First, “you can take courage from the fact that the Lord called you,” he said. “He has known and watched over you throughout your life — and long before. He knows you, and He knows your capabilities. But more than knowing your present circumstances, He knows your heart and your capacity to grow. . . . You can be sure the Lord has called you personally to succeed in the tasks He has prepared for you.”

Lead image from Deseret News
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