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President Kimball Tackles When Testimony Meetings Seem Boring or Cliché


Are you scared to bear your testimony because you feel like you have nothing new to say? Do you feel like testimony meetings often get awkward or boring? Well, here is some classic advice from President Spencer W. Kimball that was recently published in the Ensign.

Every soul in this world may have a revelation, the same one that Peter had [see Matthew 16:13–17]. That revelation will be a testimony, a knowledge that Christ lives, that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer of this world.

Every soul may have this assurance, and when he gets this testimony, it will have come from God and not from study alone. Study is an important element, of course, but there must be associated with study much prayer and reaching, and then this revelation comes. . .

Testimony meetings are some of the best meetings in the ward in the whole month, if you have the Spirit. If you are bored at a testimony meeting, there is something the matter with you and not the other people.

You can get up and bear your testimony and you think it is the best meeting in the month; but if you sit there and count the grammatical errors and laugh at the man who can’t speak very well, you’ll be bored, and on that board you’ll slip right out of the kingdom. …

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